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Vidyard Launches AI-Powered Video Messaging to Transform Sales Engagement


Vidyard, the leading video messaging and communications platform for sales and go-to-market teams, today launched a major update that brings AI to the forefront of its innovation and value creation strategy. Led by its new AI Script Generator, the new release will help more sales professionals and go-to-market teams embrace video as a proven way to stand out with prospects, create new revenue opportunities, and deliver exceptional buying experiences.

New AI Script Generator Amplifies the Value of Video Messaging

Video messaging is one of the most effective ways for sales reps to earn attention and build trust when engaging with buyers. According to the 2023 Video in Business Benchmark Report, many sales reps are creating hundreds, or even thousands, of videos each year, while others struggle with not knowing what to say or how to deliver an engaging message. Vidyard’s new AI Script Generator tackles this challenge head-on by enabling sales reps to leverage generative AI to craft custom video scripts in just a few clicks. The new solution takes the guesswork out of what to say on video while boosting confidence in the message and the delivery.

“AI is opening up incredible new opportunities to boost sales productivity and change the dynamics of buyer/seller relationships,” said Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard. “AI-powered video messaging is the first of many AI-powered products to come from Vidyard as we build on our vision to create the future of productive relationships between buyers and sellers. I can’t wait to show the world what we’re launching next.”

The value of AI Script Generator extends beyond video prospecting, creating new opportunities to simplify video creation for social media, marketing, buyer education, sales proposals, customer onboarding, and more.

“Our customers continue to realize significant value from our growing suite of solutions, including Vidyard Video Hosting, Vidyard Messaging, Vidyard Hubs, and our new digital sales room offering, Vidyard Rooms,” said Jonathan Lister, COO at Vidyard. “AI Script Generator enhances each of these offerings by enabling sales and marketing teams to efficiently expand their use of video throughout the customer lifecycle, leading to more engaging experiences for their buyers and new opportunities for revenue creation.”

New Features Enhance Video Creation for All

In addition to AI Script Generator, Vidyard has introduced new capabilities to help sales reps and other users create the best possible video messages and screen recordings for their audience. Key new features include:

  • Auto-Scroll Teleprompter: Writing or generating a video script is one thing, delivering it on camera with confidence is another! Vidyard’s new Teleprompter makes it a snap by auto-scrolling your script so you can deliver it with ease and confidence, complete with speed settings to help you find the perfect rhythm.
  • Background Blur: A busy, distracting, or unprofessional background can make recording a great video a challenge. Background Blur enables users to seamlessly blur out their backgrounds with a single click, no green screen or desktop app required.
  • Custom Video Templates: Building on the success of its existing Video Template Library, Vidyard has introduced the ability to create and share custom video templates across a team of users. Each template includes a sample video script, reference video, and best practices for delivery. Custom Video Templates are a great way to inspire users with new ways to use video, while also helping them to deliver it in an engaging manner.

AI Script Generator, Auto-Scroll Teleprompter, Background Blur, and Custom Video Templates are now available at no additional charge for all Vidyard Free and Pro users, as well as Business and Enterprise customers. Sign up for Vidyard today to try them out for yourself, and learn more about AI Script Generator at

About Vidyard

Vidyard is the leading video messaging, video hosting, and asynchronous communications platform for sales professionals and go-to-market teams. More than 250,000 companies use Vidyard to connect with more prospects, humanize their communications, and create exceptional buyer experiences. From individual sales reps to global sales and marketing teams, Vidyard enables any business professional to use online video content, personalized video messages, and tailored digital sales rooms to transform the way they communicate and exchange value with their customers. Learn more about Vidyard and sign up for free at





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