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6sense Delivers The Future Of AI-Guided Engagement For B2B Revenue Teams

AI-Guided Engagement
6sense, the leading platform for B2B organizations generating predictable revenue, announced several new groundbreaking product enhancements at its fourth annual customer conference, 6sense Breakthrough. The conference provides B2B revenue teams with an inside look at best practices to leverage AI and big data to accelerate revenue generation efficiently.

“The Proceed with Confidence focus of our 2022 Breakthrough event couldn’t be more timely. We heard from more than 50 sales and marketing speakers at this year’s event that 6sense Revenue AI is the must-have competitive edge they can’t grow without,” said Jason Zintak, 6sense CEO.

“The Proceed with Confidence focus of our 2022 Breakthrough event couldn’t be more timely. We heard from more than 50 sales and marketing speakers at this year’s event that 6sense Revenue AI is the must-have competitive edge they can’t grow without,” said Jason Zintak, 6sense CEO. “B2B companies are losing revenue opportunities and leaving money on the table. To deliver a better buying experience in today’s selling environment, it’s imperative to leverage AI along with pre-intent data, intent data, and predictive analytics to know which accounts are in market to buy your product or service, when and how to target them, and what messages to deliver to best engage.”

Maximize Revenue Moments with 6sense® Conversational Email​

6sense Conversational Email enables companies to engage in conversations with leads at scale to address missed revenue opportunities due to organizational constraints. Leaning on powerful AI models including GTP-3 combined with pre-intent data like psychographic and technographic data, intent data, and predictive analytics, 6sense Conversational Email delivers hyper-personalized, hyper-relevant emails to qualify and convert leads to sales meetings. Where companies need more help with their prospecting efforts to engage all leads, 6sense Conversational Email™ provides additional coverage on accounts as new sales opportunities are discovered.

Customers involved in the beta program reported incredible results that include:
  • 50% reduced deal cycle time (marketing-sourced opportunities)
  • 1.5x increase in average deal size (marketing-sourced opportunities)
  • $900K of new pipeline generated in four weeks
“To scale our business, we needed an interconnected tech stack that allowed us to automate many sales and marketing tasks while also significantly advancing our capabilities. We had to invest in solutions that would give us big capabilities for a small team,” said Troy Purdue, Director of Growth Marketing at Marathon Health. “6sense Conversational Email, provided a scalable, manageable, and automated process to engage accounts in target markets across the buying journey. Since implementing our marketing strategies based on 6sense data, we have seen a 211% increase in bottom-of-the-funnel accounts and have generated $66 million in net new pipeline attributed directly to marketing activities.”

“This launch is one of our most significant product updates yet,” said Viral Bajaria, Co-founder and CTO at 6sense. “Every company has overlooked and underworked, yet high-quality, leads. Critical outreach happens too late, or simply never at all which leads to missed revenue opportunities. The early results from customers in our beta program using 6sense Conversational Email demonstrates the impact: reduction in deal cycles, increase in average deal size, and new pipeline generated. While others in the market focus on sending emails, we are the first to focus on writing relevant emails and responding in ways that lead to more quality pipeline, more efficiently.”

Powering B2B Revenue Teams with the Most Comprehensive Sales Intelligence Data

One year after its acquisition of Slintel, 6sense announced significant data enhancements in its Sales Intelligence capabilities. Investments in global contact data, intent data like 3rd party data, anonymous web visitor insights company data and firmographic data, pre-intent data like psychographic and technographic data, and company data along with an intuitive user interface provide B2B sales and marketing teams with the actionable insights and orchestration layer necessary to identify, prioritize and engage with accounts in market.

While these capabilities are individually available within the 6sense family of features today, the newly designed and highly integrated application is targeted to launch in Q1 2023 and will feature even more robust data and the seamless integration of Slintel after its acquisition by 6sense last year. The combined application will provide the most comprehensive prospecting resources, contact data, prioritization dashboards, and sales insights for B2B sales teams to unlock even more revenue opportunities among all buyers, including the 97% of site visitors who don’t fill out a form.

“With B2B buying committee members increasingly choosing to remain anonymous through most of their journey, sellers need insight to earlier signals for their sales outreach to be effective,” said Amar Doshi, SVP of Product & UX at 6sense. “With our latest advancement in 6sense Sales Intelligence, we bring industry-leading intent data, contact data, and AI-insights to help sellers efficiently identify priority prospects, personalize their interactions, and take timely action with ease to drive meetings and conversion of pipeline to revenue.”

Targeted Experience With New Contextual Advertising Capabilities Specifically For B2B

With 6sense Contextual Advertising, forward-thinking B2B marketers can reach buyers on pages with the appropriate context for buyers that the business is trying to reach with ads. This kind of contextual advertising for B2B helps to provide a better ad experience for the buyer and maximizes ad spending towards the audience that will likely care about the company’s products and services, reducing waste and ultimately also preparing for the loss of third-party cookies and associated targeting.

Since announcing contextual advertising earlier this year, 6sense has developed more than 100 new custom contextual topics catered specifically to B2B advertisers. Advertisers won’t need to settle to use contextual segments that are largely designed for consumer marketers.

B2B marketers who have used this offering have been able to concentrate their budget and creative efforts on delivering tailored ads to the right audience in the right place to drive even more engagement than other display advertising campaigns. Paired with 6sense account targeting capabilities, the new custom contextual topics will allow customers to reach their most likely buyers at the most relevant moment while also:
  • Respecting user privacy by targeting audiences without using behavioral or data profiles
  • Providing ready-to-use contextual topics built specifically for B2B
  • Eliminating wasted ad spend on buyers that aren’t likely to engage
Today’s announcement demonstrates 6sense’s commitment to leading the RevTech Revolution – a movement started two years ago to transform the B2B buying and selling experience. Only 6sense Revenue AI™ provides the necessary data and insights, native applications, and a connected ecosystem to unite and power sales and marketing teams, positioning them to grow revenue more efficiently and predictably.



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