Hushly Reveals Latest Addition to Hushly Suite of Easy-to-Use Personalization Tools for ABM Today

Hushly | January 28, 2021

Hushly's most recent arrangement fills a basic interest in the ABM software market, allowing marketers to plan and send custom landing pages with significant offers and content that progressively change dependent on every guest and buying stage, intent, role, industry, or any predetermined factor.

James Kessinger, Hushly CMO, said the ABM Campaign Pages “fill a very big gap” in the ABM tech market.

“We’ve automated the creation of account-specific destinations and coupled it with a responsive content journey enabled by AI and intent,” Kessinger said.

Kessinger called attention to that Hushly's new item eliminated a "big roadblock" regarding scale, attribution, and ROI.

The new Hushly ABM Campaign Pages offering permits B2B marketers to scale their balanced ABM content and valuing for up to a large number of target accounts.

In the wake of studying and talking with clients and B2B marketers, Hushly built up its ABM Campaign Pages in view of their main three difficulties with respect to ABM execution:

Resource intensive and lacking scalability. IT or marketing groups needed to create unmistakable microsites and landing pages on the off chance that they wished to customize for each record, adding up to incalculable hours.

Poor engagement metrics and performance. ABM advertisement clicks and email clicks forward visitors to conventional landing pages that do not have any pertinence to their exceptional requirements, bringing about out of this world relinquishment and inferior quality user experience.

Restricted examination and bits of knowledge. Marketers couldn't tell which explicit accounts saw or drew in with content, which resources certain accounts like, or who was changing over.

To battle these issues at the source, Hushly made templatized software so marketers currently have an adaptable technique to fbuild, publish, and share tweaked ABM destination pages without assistance from IT.

Under the beta delivery, Kessinger said Hushly got "overwhelming" acclaim from clients and accomplices. “I’m very excited about the strategic impact this has had in such a short amount of time,” he continued.

Hushly's initial adopters were energetic about the new ABM innovation's applications and mitigated with its effortlessness.

“We love the simplicity and its ability to provide our existing customers and our prospect accounts with a rich content experience tailored to their interests and needs,” said Deb Wolf, CMO at Integrate a Hushly customer and partner.

The templatized software gives remarkable adaptability to groups running anyplace from under 50 to over 1,000 ABM techniques. Visitors get a bespoke experience with account-specific content, offers, and designs while branding and format remain consistent.

CEO at CampaignStars, Henry Bruckstein, cited the importance of personalized ABM destination pages after going through the effort of engaging accounts across multiple channels.

Bruckstein said he was “excited” to partner with Hushly for the new ABM Campaign Pages due to their intuitive nature, scalability, ease, and early success upon implementation:

“All the time and money spent to attract that ‘click’ is nullified if you don’t create a bingeable destination. That’s one of the things Hushly’s doing,” Bruckstein said.

About Hushly:

Hushly is a leading AI-powered B2B marketing platform offering a complete solution for ABM, engagement, and lead generation. Marketers use Hushly’s unique technology and custom tools to create a frictionless user-first website experience and hyper-personalize website content. Hushly’s user-friendly AI-powered tools span personalized landing page builders, lead management, lead quality vetting, smart micro-forms, abandonment prevention, ABM campaign pages, and more.


Demand generation is the strategies and tools marketing uses to identify prospects, nurture them, and turn them into leads. In today’s business environment - where buyers can access a seemingly unlimited amount of resources about your brand and industry - understanding prospect preferences and needs by capturing their online behavior has become a critical aspect of the demand professional’s job…

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6sense Revenue AI Paves the Path to the Future of Predictable Revenue Growth

6sense | April 21, 2022

6sense, with the widest application of AI at every stage of revenue creation, today announced 6sense Revenue AI™ and previewed product innovations that solidify its leadership position. The platform applies the power of AI across the entire buyers' journey, removing the guesswork that plagues revenue teams, providing a better customer experience, and producing high-quality pipeline that is ultimately more likely to convert to revenue. Today's announcement at the company's The Future is Now event demonstrates its commitment to execute against its aggressive roadmap, as well as integrate newly acquired companies to accelerate customer value. With 6sense Revenue AI, B2B revenue teams are able to better capture anonymous buying signals, target the right accounts at precisely the right time, and boost revenue performance with recommendations for the channels and messages most likely to convert. 6sense customers report a 100% increase in average deal size, 20% better conversions and 30% faster deal cycles, and 120% improvement in revenue effectiveness. "Every business wants to generate revenue with greater predictability. But every day, their people work in silos and make numerous guesses about which accounts to prioritize, what to send them, or whether they have quality data to orchestrate a winning campaign," said Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense. "6sense Revenue AI is the only platform to put the power of AI into the hands of every member of the revenue team to make insight-driven decisions, prioritize time and resources with greater accuracy, and realize better outcomes. Our customers report unbelievable success." With three acquisitions within six months, more than 50 new product features released in 2021, and recognition from customers and industry analysts for unparalleled product innovation, 6sense has demonstrated its ability to execute against a bold vision for the future of predictable revenue growth. The Future of B2B Email Marketing is Here 6sense, along with recently acquired Saleswhale, announced its AI-driven email marketing platform beta program for customers to create demand and new opportunities. This brings AI to help with hyper-personalization at scale, creating relevant 1:1 emails and email responses using all insights including technographic, intent, and engagement data. "There is massive potential to apply the power of AI across every stage of the funnel to accelerate conversion and velocity," said Viral Bajaria, CTO and Co-Founder of 6sense. "We are reimagining email, focused on different outcomes: to start a conversation, instantly provide relevant information and connect with humans when needed. We want to help marketers realize the dream of no spam. By applying business-focused insights into the buying team, AI can draft a hyper-relevant email that goes miles beyond current personalization to actually deliver value to the prospect and initiate a conversation." 6sense Pipeline Intelligence Takes Aim with Precision New 6sense Pipeline Intelligence capabilities are the first and only AI-driven solution for B2B marketers to plan, track and forecast pipeline with accuracy. 6sense Pipeline Intelligence predicts how much and what quality pipeline is needed to hit revenue targets, tracks segment and campaign performance in real-time, and makes AI-based recommendations to pivot as necessary to meet or exceed forecast goals. Deeper Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and HubSpot CRM Integrations 6sense has enhanced CRM integrations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and HubSpot CRM to align revenue teams around a comprehensive, actionable data set within the 6sense Sales Intelligence Dashboard or right inside HubSpot CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Bringing the most advanced insights and actions to where marketers and sellers work: Marketers can leverage 6sense-enriched lead, contact, and account data to segment and analyze audiences while working natively within these CRMs Sellers can access 6sense insights, alerts, and dashboards directly from within HubSpot CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling sellers to proactively prospect and personalize outreach Revenue operations teams can better create a unified source of truth across 6sense and their CRM with data, audience, and AI-driven orchestrations Additional Product Improvements Market-leading technographic and contact data from Slintel, a 6sense company, has been added to 6sense Revenue AI to give sellers even greater access to the most up-to-date insights on an account's tech stack within the Sales Intelligence experience. With enhanced visibility into the target buying group, their intent signals, and the technologies they use, sellers know when and how to best engage prospects, resulting in high-quality pipeline and a customer-first experience. 6sense Qualified Accounts (6QAs) are now completely customizable, giving customers the choice of using only AI-driven recommendations for qualified accounts or custom tailoring buying stages and weighted activities based on criteria that best fit an organization's specific needs. The defined metric qualifies accounts based on their likelihood of being in-market to buy as indicated by their behaviors and their propensity to buy based on fit. 6sense Orchestration subscribers can now sync contact information from emails and calendars and add them directly to their CRM to better understand individuals within the buying group and engage accounts more effectively. About 6sense 6sense reinvents the way organizations create, manage, and convert pipeline to revenue. 6sense Revenue AI captures anonymous buying signals, targets the right accounts at the ideal time, and recommends the channels and messages to boost revenue performance. Removing guesswork, friction, and wasted sales effort, 6sense empowers sales, marketing, and customer success teams to significantly improve pipeline quality, accelerate sales velocity, increase conversion rates, and grow revenue predictably. 6sense has been recognized for its market-defining technology by Forbes Cloud 100, G2, TrustRadius, Gartner, and Forrester, and for its strong culture by Glassdoor, Inc. Magazine, and Comparably. For more information, visit 6sense or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Buying Group Marketing Pioneer, Influ2, Celebrates 2021 Momentum with 167% Revenue Growth and US Expansion

Influ2 | February 01, 2022

NEW YORK, Jan. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Influ2, the first Person-Based Advertising (PBA) platform, today announces tremendous company growth during a record-breaking year, with more than 167% revenue growth, 3xs monthly recurring revenue, 72% employee base increase and an expanded leadership team. Fueled by an $8 million Series A, led by Rally Ventures, Influ2 continues on its mission to build an innovative comprehensive Buying Group Marketing solution. 86% of marketing leaders say digital commerce will be the most important marketing channel for their organizations in the next two years. Influ2 addresses this finding by offering B2B marketers effective digital campaigns that directly engage buying groups, or key decision-makers within a company who influence purchase decisions. “2021 was a pivotal year, and this is a very exciting time for Influ2 because we have begun to move forward with building our Buying Group Marketing solution, which is designed for marketers to help sales people build relationships with buying groups at target accounts with attributable and measurable outcomes,” said Dmitri Lisitski, CEO and Co-Founder of Influ2. “The success in our approach has not only been reflected through our momentum, but also in our continuously growing team and US expansion and we remain deeply committed to our customers and their success.” Influ2 is continuing to grow its Sales and Marketing team. This past year Nirosha Methananda joined as Vice President of Marketing, and most recently Joe McNeill as Chief Revenue Officer. Methananda brings over 15 years of marketing experience spanning multiple disciplines and industries and has a track record of creating and elevating distinctive brands. McNeill is a B2B tech sales leader who has helped multiple companies scale and drive triple digit growth. Influ2 has plans to double its U.S. team to enhance product and service capabilities for its North American clients by the end of 2022. Methananda was recently joined by Principal Analyst of ABM at Forrester, Malachi Threadgill, in a webinar where they discussed how buyer trends are evolving the approach to ABM. “One of the major pain points between sales and marketing lies in identifying exactly who is interested in your products and then engaging with them at the right time. This is a problem that Influ2 connects the dots on through its Person-Based Advertising solution,” said Methananda. “In our discussion, Malachi confirmed that the transformation in B2B buying behavior is increasingly creating a need for a Buying Group Marketing approach. And that there is an impetus for sales and marketing teams to come together to focus on the needs and wants of buying group members. I’m excited to expand the Influ2 brand and product within the category of Buying Group Marketing.” Also, throughout the year Influ2 continued to provide even more benefits to its customers, introducing an updated Buying Group Engagement score, which measures the probability of an account to engage based on their Influ2 activity. The company also added an Audience Discovery capability to help marketers uncover new targets based on their ideal customer profile (ICP), creating a sales pipeline that didn’t previously exist. In addition, Influ2 received its Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 1 Compliance certification designed to ensure that service organizations can securely manage data to protect the interests and privacy of their customers. For more information on Influ2 or to request a demo, please visit About Influ2 Influ2 is a Person-Based Advertising platform for B2B companies that is purpose-built for B2B marketers who want to amplify their enterprise reach and revenue. It serves ads to specific decision-markers via display and social networks and provides sales with person-based and buying group insights that drive engagement within their target accounts. Where attention is finite, Influ2 helps you get in front of and drive engagement with people that want to engage with you. For more information, visit

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Madison Logic Enhances Integration with LinkedIn Ads to Enable Data-Driven Multi-Channel ABM Activation and Measurement

Madison Logic | May 05, 2022

Madison Logic, the leading global digital Account Based Marketing (ABM) platform, announces a new LinkedIn Audiences integration as the latest release of Journey Acceleration within the ML Platform. The integration allows marketers to seamlessly share lists of accounts from ML Insights to LinkedIn Campaign Manager to be used for LinkedIn ad targeting and unify their ABM strategy across multiple channels to increase account engagement and accelerate the sales cycle. With the new Journey Acceleration integration with LinkedIn ads, B2B marketers can optimize the account experience across the sales cycle through: Optimized Account Insights: Adopt ML Insights, a unified signal of the companies most likely to purchase, combined with data from your marketing automation and CRM platform to identify the accounts most likely to convert. Advanced Cross-Channel Program Activation: Deliver personalized messaging and content on LinkedIn using any LinkedIn ad format to maximize account engagement alongside ABM Content Syndication and ABM Display Advertising. Enhanced Measurement and Pipeline Insights: Easily understand how accounts are progressing through their journey, effectively target the buying committee at each stage of the sales cycle and increase ROI through a unified view of your ABM strategy. “Today’s buying environment requires enterprise marketers to engage the buying committee as they research solutions across the entire web, including LinkedIn as the dominant B2B social network,” said Tom O’Regan, CEO of Madison Logic. “By leveraging ML Insights to prioritize and engage accounts globally across multiple channels, marketers can now seamlessly activate a unified multi-channel strategy to accelerate the sales cycle from within the ML Platform.” “Today’s buying environment requires enterprise marketers to engage the buying committee as they research solutions across the entire web, including LinkedIn as the dominant B2B social network,” said Tom O’Regan, CEO of Madison Logic. Madison Logic believes the enhanced capabilities within this latest ML Platform release is validated by recent research from VP Analyst Suzanne White at Gartner titled “Improve Buyer Engagement and Conversion by Adding Journey Context to Personas,” which states, “Based on the 2020 Gartner Technology Marketing Benchmarks Survey, technology marketers that include buyer journey data in their targeting methodology are more likely to have higher conversion rates through early stages of the marketing funnel.”* “The insights we’ve gained through our work with Madison Logic have helped shape how we approach developing our multi-channel marketing strategies. The ML platform’s accessibility, LinkedIn integration, and analytics capabilities help us reach the right customers, tell more cohesive stories, prioritize what matters most to our customers, and improve the overall effectiveness of our campaigns,” said David Velez, Global Head of Social at Amazon Web Services. Madison Logic and LinkedIn customers also benefit from Madison Logic’s existing LinkedIn Reporting and ROI integration as part of the ML Platform. With the ability to visualize and measure activity throughout the entire marketing funnel, marketers can create a unified view of their multi-channel programs, including LinkedIn ads for up to 10,000 accounts to reveal account progression and the true drivers of conversion across each campaign. The single view allows customers to take a data-driven approach to campaign optimization and uncover the content and advertising that most effectively drives account engagement, accelerates sales cycles, and impacts pipeline and ROI. This release builds on the positive momentum of its recent announcements of record growth in revenue retention and the company’s fourth consecutive Leader status for “Marketing Account Intelligence” by G2, a leading third-party review site for B2B technology buyers. The Spring 2022 recognition of ML Insights within the ML Platform further validates the ease with which enterprise marketers can identify in-market accounts and prioritize the right individuals to engage within those accounts. *Gartner, “Improve Buyer Engagement and Conversion by Adding Journey Context to Personas”, Suzanne White, May 5, 2021. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. About Madison Logic The ML Platform, a global multi-channel ABM activation and measurement platform, enables enterprise organizations to leverage a proprietary combined data set to identify the accounts most likely to purchase, accelerate the customer journey, and shorten sales cycles to positively impact ROI. Madison Logic empowers B2B marketers to convert their best accounts faster by finding and engaging with the most influential individuals throughout the buyer's journey. Visit for more information.

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Metadata Awarded 4th and 5th Patents As They Build First Demand Gen Platform for B2B Marketing

Metadata | February 07, 2022, the first demand generation platform for B2B marketers, is pleased to announce they have received two new patents from The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for their technology that automates the most repetitive and mundane, but critical tasks in B2B marketing. Today, the platform helps B2B marketers with building highly targeted audiences across channels, launching a high volume of campaign experiments, and self-optimizing those to what drives the most efficient revenue. The company currently has over 170 customers benefiting from this current technology. With a mission to get Marketers closer to revenue, these two new patents will not only boost the performance of the existing campaigns platform but will introduce an entirely new capability to establish new technology integrations and enable new marketing strategies using a “playbook” concept. “These patents are taking a step beyond a simple instruction manual to help customize and execute new marketing strategies based on a particular customer’s needs,” said Gil Allouche, CEO, Metadata. “These patents are taking a step beyond a simple instruction manual to help customize and execute new marketing strategies based on a particular customer’s needs,” said Gil Allouche, CEO, Metadata. “We’re building a platform that allows revenue marketers to automatically run completely pre-optimized programs that apply proven B2B marketing best practices and playbooks across channels and technologies.” The first patent was granted to Metadata for its proactive marketing technology. This new technology ingests a customer’s historical data from across their channels and technologies, understands the customer’s desired outcomes, and recommends best-next-step marketing strategies to achieve those outcomes most efficiently. The second patent was granted for Metadata’s use of templates and playbooks that are digitally embedded into the platform that will apply proven B2B marketing best-practice strategies to customers’ campaigns and technology integrations. As an example, on the first login, a new Metadata customer can integrate their technology stack, tell Metadata what outcomes they are trying to achieve, and the platform will go to work. It ingests years of detailed data, analyzes it against all previous customers, campaigns, technologies, and outcomes, and recommends to the user a specific way to set up and implement their technologies, as well as specific campaigns to run, in order to most efficiently and quickly achieve their goals. Metadata’s first application of this was with LinkedIn Conversation Ads. Metadata provided Conversation Ad templates that had been pre-optimized with hundreds of thousands of dollars of ad spend, directly within the platform so their customers could run similar campaigns. Metadata has captured detailed data from a growing customer base, including some of today’s most successful B2B companies, and will be able to leverage this data anonymously to make future predictions and recommendations across all their clients. The platform can then automatically take action based on this data, improving campaign performance while needing fewer resources. “Historically, AI has been more of a novelty. Now, it’s embedded everywhere in our personal lives,” said Allouche. “It’s innate – we trust it without question when we need directions or groceries at our door. On the business side, however, we are only on the brink of its possibilities. But the technology is here, and ready to be leveraged.’ Start generating revenue through your marketing today at About Metadata Metadata is the first demand generation platform that launches paid campaign experiments and self-optimizes to revenue. Through AI and machine learning, Metadata helps B2B marketers automate the repeatable and time-consuming parts of running paid campaigns so they can focus more of their time on strategy, targeting, and creative. B2B marketers at Zoom, Okta and ThoughtSpot rely on Metadata to get closer to revenue. Start experimenting so you can get revenue faster with

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Demand generation is the strategies and tools marketing uses to identify prospects, nurture them, and turn them into leads. In today’s business environment - where buyers can access a seemingly unlimited amount of resources about your brand and industry - understanding prospect preferences and needs by capturing their online behavior has become a critical aspect of the demand professional’s job…